19 July 2018


Name: Semphete (Don't pass me by)

The name simply means that every Bokone Bophirima citizen should feel like this on a Thursday night as they look forward to a copy of the newspaper.

What: A weekly newspaper, the voice of the Provincial Government of Bokone Bophirima.

Why: A go-to newspaper for all government news in Bokone Bophirima. We leave no space for an alternative.


Keeping Bokone Bophirima citizens in touch with what their government is doing for them, with them, and the kind of contribution their government needs from them.

Our Product:

  • We deliver up-to-date, fresh news on government programmes, plans and delivery.
  • Our content is professionally written journalism, easy to read, and relevant to Bokone Bophirima citizens.
  • We give readers news that inform, educate and entertain.
  • The news we publish contributes positively to the lives of the people of Bokone Bophirima.
  • We influence debates through opinion pieces from the provincial government’s Executive, Lawmakers (MPLs) and communicators, as well as leaders of the society such as Dikgosi and Councillors.
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