16 June 2019


Editorial Policy:

  • We are biased towards the work of the Government of Bokone Bophirima and its programmes as they serve the people of the province.
  • 80% of our content is government news from all spheres starting from the Provincial Executive, the Provincial Legislature and Local Government.
  • 20% of our coverage is positive stories of the people of Bokone Bophirima, mainly as they benefit from government programmes and/or help develop each other through various initiatives.
  • No advertiser or any partner that assists financially will be allowed to influence our editorial policy and/or content.
  • We acknowledge the multiple layers of disadvantage affecting black people, women and other groups and our reporting will always reflect that.
  • Our headlines and picture captions will fairly reflect the content of the story.
  • We strive to be a hands-on learning tool for members of the public, both in Bokone Bophirima and other provinces.
  • We are reasonably accessible to the public in both print, online version and social media platforms.

Code of Ethics

  • We commit ourselves to reporting accurately and upholding high journalism standards and ethics.
  • We commit to correcting mistakes as soon as we become aware of them, without being coerced into doing the right thing, and where possible, even before a complaint is registered.
  • We take particular care and avoid harm to children. We will not do anything that exposes children to abuse, discrimination, embarrassment, or any other risks.
  • We serve the public’s right to know in line with Section 16 of the South African Constitution, which guarantees this fundamental right to allow citizens to make decisions and judgements about their government and society.
  • We are aggressive in putting government information out in public without any fear.