02 July 2020


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Ramotshere Moiloa in good hands with Mayor Mothoagae

Not long ago Kereng Mothoagae was building tomorrow's future in the lecture room, grooming future nurses and doctors. Today she has been tasked with ensuring that the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality municipality serves its people with excellence and delivers the required services rendered by the local governmen...read more

Lefapha le wetsa keteko ya beke ya tiriso ya melemo ya setso

Ngwaga le ngwaga ka beke ya bofelo ya kgwedi ya Phatwe, ke nako ya go keteka le go ikgopotsa botlhokwa jwa melemo ya setso sa seAfrika, ke gore African Traditional Medicine Week.

Beke ya melemo ya setso e ne e ketekiwa go tloga ka kgwedi ya Phatwe e le malatsi a le 26 go fitlhela e le 31 monongwaga. Lephata...read more

MPs give thumbs up to VTSD

Members of Bokone Bophirima Provincial Legislature across political parties have welcomed and praised the vision of the Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies (VTSD) economic development initiative, particularly in as far as job creation and poverty alleviation is concerned.

MPLs debated the VTSD plans this ...read more