17 November 2018


Airport Road now cleaner and saferAirport Road now cleaner and safer

by: Mmakgori Tong   date: 26 January 2018

As part of its contribution to the Mahikeng Rebranding, Renewal
and Repositioning (MRRR) project, the Department of Public
Works and Roads started off the new year by concluding a
cleaning project for a seven kilometre part of Airport road.
Both sides of the road from the Unit 9 and Unit 13 intersection
towards the airport were cleaned. The work included cutting grass,
the felling of trees and debushing, unblocking culverts as well as
clearing dumping areas.
Chief Director for Facilities Management at the department,
Pandora Hlakanye, said the condition of the road side has for
some time now been posing road safety and health hazards, as
well as risk to motorists and pedestrians.
“There is livestock that is constantly grazing along the road and it
was difficult for motorists to spot them when crossing the road. The
department also considered the safety of the community members
walking and jogging along the road in the mornings and afternoons
as part of taking forward government’s campaign for healthy
lifestyle, hence the decision to clear the dumping sites and make
the roadside more visible,” she said.
Four local small medium and micro entreprises (SMMEs) were
contracted to share the work, also aimed at beautifying the
environment along the road, said Hlakanye.
“The work could have been done by one company but our aim was
to have as much SMMEs as possible sharing the piece of the cake
as part of our promotion of Villages, Towships and Small Dorpies’
economies,” Hlakanye said. `