17 November 2018


Setlagole-born writer shares the word of God through writing

by: Obakeng Maje   date: 26 January 2018

A Setlagole-born published author uses writing to communicate
the prophetic word of God to the public. Onkarabile Mokoto (33)
has published two books titled How To Hear God When He
Speaks and Power Of Planning respectively.
Mokoto told Semphete that he believes that there are many
different ways of getting a prophetic word out into the public
“I am using my writing as a way to deliver the message of God. I
started to preach the word of God at an early age and also
embarked on music. I produced three songs, but quit music after
I realised that it is not my thing. God converted me to be a born-
again Christian afterwards,” Mokoto said in an interview with
“In 2010, I was then ordained to become a pastor. I went to
Johannesburg after finishing my matric back in 2003 to look for
greener pastures. I met with few people who inspired me to work
hard. People like disco music singer, Sydney Mogopodi, Floyd
Masuku played a pivotal role in shaping me to become the person
I am today,” he said.
His first book was published in February 2017 after he spent five
years writing it. Mokoto added that writing is not easy, but needs
passion, dedication, discipline and determination.
“What inspired me to write books is the lack of knowledge I see
among our people. Most people lack direction and guidance from
God. My first book is a spiritual developing and helps people to
know more about God. I was grateful when I published my second
book in September 2017.
“My second book is very motivational and inspiring. It talks about
the power of planning and that is what we need as people. If one
needs to succeed, they must plan their life accordingly and invite
God to be his/her guardian. There a few people who inspired me to
write the book, some writers like Samuel Baloyi, Melusi Cele and
Pastor Chris Oyakhilom,” he said.

Mokoto also said education is important because it enhances
one’s knowledge. He enrolled at Wits University in 2008 for BA
degree in Education, but he quit while in his third year to honour
the calling of becoming a pastor.
“I also encourage the culture of reading, especially among the
youth. I believe that the children must be encouraged to read from
an early age. Parents must also play their role in growing the
culture of reading at home.
“Most of our people spend more time on social media and that
affects our society negatively. Our youth is faced with
unemployment, inequality and poverty, but if we encourage them
to be educated they can compete globally. We should not wait for
government to develop us, but believe in the Do It Yourself spirit,”
he said.
Mokoto said he wants to establish his own church and travel the
world as a motivational speaker too. He is also a founder of a
company called Life Shaping Services, which does life coaching.