17 November 2018


Mahikeng Local Municipality launches own Bursary Fund

by: Abigail Batala   date: 02 february 2018

Mahikeng Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Betty Diakanyo, has launched a Mayoral Bursary Fund following a Council Resolution authorisng that. 

The purpose of the Mayoral Bursary Fund is to assist young people living in the municipal area of jurisdiction with financial support for their undergraduate studies at tertiary institutions of their choice and to further create and encourage a learning culture amongst residents. 

Bursaries will be awarded to prospective tertiary students, especially those with a good academic record who come from poor families. This is part of the municipality’s implementation of point seven of Setsokotsane 10 by 10 campaigns that focuses on “involvement in education activities”. 
Speaking at the launch, the Mayor quoted former President of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere, when he said: “Education is not a way to escape poverty. It is a way of fighting it”. 

”Julius Nyerere is saying to us, we need to empower our young people to fight poverty. This will be a direct way of our municipality’s contribution in the alleviation of poverty. Poverty can never be a permanent scent of our people when there are ways and means of fighting it,” she said.

The Mayor quoted Setswana adage that says: “Ntime o mphele ngwana”.  “Ngwana ke sejo o a tlhakanelwa”, basically meaning a child is raised by the community. 

“That is why as a municipality, we find it appropriate to take part in the education of our children by supporting them in their studies. We are thankful that we took this decision,” said Mayor Diakanyo.