09 December 2018


Mamusa municipality to lay charges against its employees  

by: Obakeng Maje   date: 02 february 2018

Mamusa Local Municipality will take steps to ensure that its
employees who torched the council’s office buildings are held
accountable by the court of law.
Mayor of this Schweizer-Reneke based municipality, Aaron
Mocwana, said the municipality will press criminal charges, in line
with recommendations of the forensic report outcome.
The building was set on fire in July last year – allegedly by
municipal employees - after the then municipal manager, Luck
Fourie, was removed from his position a month before.
“The municipality was adversely affected by that particular
disaster. Most of the offices and furniture were burnt down
completely. All the resources that enabled us to collect revenue,
which is a life-blood of any municipality, were lost in the fire.
“The incident affected our basic service delivery to the masses.
Currently, re-structural engineers visited the site to conduct an
inspection and decide whether to demolish some of the walls or
rebuild on top of them. So, after that, we will be subjected to the
tender processes to appoint a contractor,” Mocwana told
He however said the municipality has managed to recapture 14
000 people back onto the system, using the councillors’ indigent
capturing. But the loss is still high. For example, the municipality
could not assist its Grade 12 top five achievers like it normally
does because there’s just no money for that.

“We are even struggling to pay salaries and creditors on time.
However, things will be back to normal next year. The municipality
has since conducted forensic investigations regarding the torching
of the municipality buildings and two forensic reports were placed
before the council during the appointment of Section 56 and 57
“One director has already been suspended after being implicated
in the forensic report along with a senior manager at a traffic

department. We will also implement recommendations of the
forensic report and open civil and criminal cases against those
implicated,” Mocwana said.
He said this would send a stern warning to those who are
entrusted with confidential information and mislead the public by
saying there is corruption at the municipality.
“We cannot allow our municipal workers who have confidential
information to take it and incite community by telling them that
there is corruption within the municipality. The municipality had
three vacant positions for Municipal Manager, the CFO and
Director for Technical Services and Community Services.
However, the council could only appoint the CFO and the Director
for Technical and Community Service because we received only
three applications for Municipal Manager position,” said the Mayor.
“Two of applicants did not meet the requirements and as a results,
there was only one person who qualifies. So, we could not go on
with interviewing one person. The council recommended that there
should be re-advertisement of Municipal Manager post. We will
short-list candidates by next week and follow relevant processes”.