25 March 2019


Parliament’s Committee orders inquiry into CPA corruption allegations

by: Sureshinee Govender   date: 26 April 2018

Is there corruption in the Communal Property Association (CPA) of Bokone Bophirima province? Well,
Parliament wants an inquiry to determine if there is truth in some allegations
made against the CPA.
The Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform last week

received briefings from the Department
of Rural Development and Land Reform on progress registered to date on Communal
Property Association (CPA) in Bokone Bophirima. During the public hearings on the Communal
Property Amendment Bill held in
the province, the committee heard allegations
of impropriety and corruption from officials of the Department of Rural
Development and Land Reform.
One of the allegations was that the de-partment was colluding with some politicians
to ensure that the rightful beneficiaries
of land do not benefit. One of the stakeholders alleged that government officials hold shares or interests
in the CPA and community members requested a forensic investigation as billions
of Rand have been spent without CPA members’ knowledge. There is an allegation of involvement
of a senior official in matters of the CPA, although the management of the CPA

was not his responsibility. The committee
gave this official an opportunity to respond to the allegations, but was not
satisfied with the response.
Acting Chairperson of the Committee, Pumzile Mnguni, has directed the department
to conduct an inquiry into the allegations of corruption brought against the senior departmental official and other
CPAs in Bokone Bophirima province and to report back to the committee.