20 January 2019


Kagisano-Molopo municipality leaders meet business 

by: Thomas Matlapeng   date: 04 May 2018

Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality has begun engaging the community last week in an effort to find solutions to their concerns.

The municipality’s Mayor, Bitsa Lenkopane, has so far held talks with the Kagisano-Molopo business community to respond to discuss ways of bringing stability to the local business community amid unrest in the community. 

Among issues raised by local business people is the support role that the municipality needs to play to ensure growth and sustainability of local entrepreneurship. Other concerns were related to perceived fraudulent activities allegedly taking place in the municipality.

The move is seen a great step by the municipality and its residents that laid a strong foundation and presented an opportunity for discussions that are expected to bring lasting solutions.

The Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality has also experienced protests that resulted in the destruction of business property and looting, with those protesting bemoaning lack of service delivery and government’s failure to respond to their concerns.

Mayor Lenkopane was satisfied with the engagement that she described as “a well from which both the people of Kagisano-Molopo and government can draw from for further development and guidance in future”.
She encouraged both her municipality and the business community to engage in good faith in order to build trust among the parties.

Lenkopane was deeply concerned about reports of new patches of violence that erupted in Tlakgameng village. Local retail shops were vandalised and robbed of their stock, traumatising traders and the local community. The Mayor said these unruly actions were setting back the gains made to improve the lives of community members and render better services
The Mayor reminded the community that the current administration has made a commitment to render quality services, engage communities on planning and governance and to work with them to find solutions for any concern experienced in the journey of bettering their lives and developing their areas. 

Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality has requested community members to exercise patience and allow government to listen to their concerns and work with them to find solutions. 

Mayor Lenkopane further appealed to the people of Kagisano-Molopo to refrain from violent protests.