19 September 2018


Crucial financial lessons for EPWP participantsĀ 

by: SAnews.gov.za   date: 25 May 2018

Government will from next month train participants of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) in basic financial literacy. This will enable them to use their hard-earned wages wisely.

The Department of Public Works said it plans to train over 3 500 participants during the 2018/19 financial year. The department has since 2006 trained a total of 12 500 participants throughout the country.

"The training will empower participants to make prudent financial decisions with their hard-earned wages,” said Deputy Director General (DDG) for EPWP, Stanley Henderson.

To prepare for the training, officials of the EPWP Branch recently attended a workshop at head office of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in Pretoria, where they were trained in this particular course.

Deputy Director for EPWP Training, Reuben Komane, said the training would be rolled out countrywide.

"The training will help participants to develop personal financial skills such as how to save a bit of money from their wages as well as how to develop their personal monthly budgets. We believe these skills are vital in assisting our participants to effectively manage their monthly wages."

The FSCA's guest facilitator at the staff workshop, Phumla Trolly, told officials that the course would provide participants with information regarding their consumer rights as enshrined in the National Credit Act.

EPWP is one of government’s medium to long-term strategies to reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty through the creation of work opportunities using labour-intensive methods.

The programme - which is implemented by all spheres of government and state-owned entities - has four sectors: infrastructure, social, environment and culture and non-State.

The EPWP participants work in different projects such as Community Work Programme (CWP), Early Childhood Development Programmes, Home Community-Based Care Programmes, Extra School Support Programmes, Working on Fire, Working for Water and Roads Maintenance Projects, among others.

Through various skills and training that participants receive from the EPWP, they stand a better chance of entering the formal job market or become entrepreneurs.