19 September 2018


Molosankwe takes 10-year Africa walk to honour Madiba

by: Nthusang Lefafa   date: 25 May 2018

Every step that Thato Molosankwe takes is intended to raise awareness around social ills such as violence against women and children.
In July this year, the Mahikeng social activist will embark on a 10-year journey from Cape Town to Cairo. He calls this journey “Rounding Africa” because he plans to walk through each and every African state, not merely cutting across the continent as many have done before.
“In this historical journey, I will be walking and praying for victims of child marriages, ethnic wars, corruption and xenophobia. I will also be addressing parliaments, churches and various organisations on issues that affect their specific country. Some of the challenges I will be confronted with on my journey are rebels and wild animals, but I will organise various groups who will be assisting me to cross these dangerous territories,” Molosankwe told Semphete this week at his home village of Lomanyaneng. 
He will start his long walk on 18 July this year, the day Madiba would have turned 100 if he were still alive. 
“As I honour Madiba, I will be honouring other struggle stalwarts such a Thomas Sankara and Muammar Gaddaffi who fought to ensure that their people lead dignified lives,” said Molosankwe. 
He called out abusers, saying that they are not only hurting the victim, but a whole social structure. 
“As an abusive person, you live with the pain of knowing that somebody is suffering as a result of your actions so you can never lead a happy and normal life. I am pleading with all abusers to change and encourage all the men who are treating women well to advise other men how to lead positive lives”. 
Molosankwe said the walk from Cape to Cairo started with a dream. 
“In 2015 I had a dream of walking from Cape Town to Cairo so I started with the Johannesburg to Mahikeng walk. I took 12 days, which means 6 days to Johannesburg and 6 days back to Mahikeng. It is now an annual walk during Women’s Month called Maftown-Jozi Walk. Only women are currently taking part in this walk and men are only there to support them,” he said. 
Molosankwe has also walked from Mahikeng to Cape Town on a Father-Son Mentorship Walk. He said he feels that this was not enough and this is why he then rounded up all the country’s nine provinces on a Moral Regeneration Walk, which h used to conduct various talks in schools on topics such as substance abuse. This, he says, was in preparation of his dream walk, the Cape to Cairo. 
Molosankwe grew up as an activist and took part in the Bophelong Youth Club from the age of 16. He is also the founder of the Thato Molosankwe Charity Foundation, a non-governmental organsiation with a primary focus on moral regeneration.
He started his awareness campaigns by cycling from Mahikeng to Johannesburg in 2013 to mourn the passing of “Thandi”, a victim of multiple rapes. “Thandi” later passed away at the age of 19 due to HIV/Aids related illnesses. Molosankwe said he felt that through cycling this long distance, he was returning a sense of pride to “Thandi.”
He has also done some outstanding work in denouncing the violence and xenophobic attacks that happened in Mahikeng in April.
“Steve Biko taught us that we should do things without expecting anything in return. This is why I am working towards building the nation,” said Molosankwe.