19 September 2018


READ acts to aid local farmers access markets

by: Kleintjie Kraai   date: 01 June 2018

The Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development (READ) in Bokone Bophirima has embarked on a campaign to promote livestock auctions in the far-flung rural areas of the province, by assisting livestock farmers who face the challenge of not being able to enter the local and export markets. 

One such auction was held at the Bona Bona village in Morokweng in the far western part of the province. Speaking at the auction, Marketing and Statistics Deputy Director at READ, Mothusiotsile Setlhabi, said the challenge facing the sector was to broaden the basket of agricultural commodities and value-added products that were intended for local and export markets. 

“Market access for smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs has been identified as one of the key challenges for the department and in pursuit of addressing these challenges, the deapertment will implement a strategy aimed at removing market access barriers by establishing livestock marketing infrastructure with specific reference to livestock auction sales managed and located within the Bokone Bophirima villages, in support of the implementation of the National Development Plan,” Setlhabi said. 

Bokone Bophirima’s agricultural sector has considerable potential in terms of comparative and competitive advantages in livestock production, especially in the western and central areas of the province. The province accounts for 12.9% (fourth largest) of the total South African cattle herd.
“Aims and objectives of livestock marketing and business development are identification of agricultural hubs for livestock, appropriate and guided investment in agricultural marketing, supporting the implementation of agricultural marketing skills development programme which will assist livestock farmers to better plan their production and marketing activities, supporting agricultural marketing infrastructure to stimulate production and value addition and processing in the long term,” said Setlhabi. 

He said this would further improve accessibility of the agricultural marketing information to farmers’ agricultural marketing infrastructure in terms of livestock auctioneering facilities.