19 September 2018


Moses Kotane traffic officers receive training in law

by: Berlina Lekgethwane   date: 01 June 2018

About 25 Moses Kotane Local Municipality traffic officers last week
received training on "Drunk driving and the law" also known as
drinking and driving at the municipal training centre.
The purpose of the workshop was to capacitate traffic officers on
how to handle victims found drinking and driving on public roads.
Section 65 of the National Road Traffic Act (Act 93 of 1996), the
"NRA", sets out legal limits and prohibitions for driving whilst under
the influence of alcohol. It provides that no one shall drive or even
occupy the driver's seat of a motor vehicle (with the engine
running) on a public road if their blood alcohol content is over the
legal limit.
The NRA differentiates between normal drivers and professional
drivers -those drivers who hold professional driving lisences. For
normal drivers, the concentration of alcohol in any blood specimen
must be less than 0,05 gram per 100 milliliters, while in the case of
a professional driver it should be less than 0,02 gram per 100
The concentration of alcohol in any specimen of breath exhaled
must be less than 0,24 milligrams per 1 000 milliliters, and in the
case of a professional driver, less than 0,10 milligrams per 1 000
"Alcohol significantly slows reaction time and distorts your vision
and the effects of a heavy night of drinking could well affect your
driving ability the next morning and you may still even be over the
legal limit.
“After only one unit of alcohol, your chances of being in an
accident are doubled and when you are at the legal limit of
0.24mg, you are four times more likely to be in an accident," traffic
officers were told at the workshop.
The Traffic department said it was important to regularly train and
remind municipal traffic officers about the law so as to know how to
handle victims breaking the law.