18 November 2018


Sebona ready to defend FNB Magalies Monster title

by: Jacky McClean   date: 01 June 2018

Philimon Sebona is hoping for a successful title defence at the 16 th
annual FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic at the ATKV Buffelspoort
this Saturday, 02 June 2018.
Making his debut in 2017, Sebona conquered the 70km Monster in an
impressive time of 3hrs 6 minutes 10 seconds.
According to Sebona, last year’s race was tough with extremely strong
“In the end everything worked out in my favour. Crossing the finish line
in the top positon was a definite highlight. Not only is the FNB Magalies
Monster MTB Classic a great race, it also prepares you for future plans.
It gives you the fantastic opportunity to test yourself. This year my goal
is to better my time,” said Sebona.
“I would certainly recommend this race to other mountain bikers. It is
one of the best, well-organized one-day races. It’s amongst the best
races to test your strength and skill. It challenges you, it’s exhilarating
and it’s truly a monster. The best advice that I can give to newcomers
is to have a solid breakfast before the race to fuel the body. Conserve
your energy for the climbs and do not ‘overcook’ from the start. Take
good care of your bike, especially on the down hills where you will need
to negotiate loose rocks. It can be quite dangerous. Most importantly,
have loads of fun,” advised Sebona.
EVENT INFORMATION: FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic
Date: Saturday, 02 June 2018
Venue: ATKV Buffelspoort
Distances, cost &
start time:

+-70km / R400 / 08:00
+-35km / R300 / 09:00
+-15km / R175 / 09:30

Trail runners are invited to share in the fun by taking on the FNB Platinum
Trail Run the day after the FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic.
Date: Sunday, 03 June 2018
Venue (start & finish): ATKV Buffelspoort
Distances, cost & start

+-24km /R330 / 07:30
+-12km /R220 /07:45
+-8km / R140 /08:00