18 November 2018


Annual FNB Platinum Trail Run boasts pristine mountain trails

by: Jacky McClean   date: 01 June 2018

Following the wake of the infamous FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic,
scheduled to take place at the same venue on Saturday, the 6 th annual FNB
Platinum Trail Run will treat entrants to a trail running experience like no
other on Sunday, 03 June at the ATKV Buffelspoort.
“Trail runners will have more time to absorb the unique scenic surroundings
of the Magaliesberg,” said Harry Schubert, Course Designer for FNB
Platinum Trail Run and FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic.
“What makes the FNB Platinum Trail Run special is that it runs through
wonderful mixed bushveld, ravine forest and the top of a pristine mountain
“The longer 24km distance is regarded as one of the toughest, but most
enjoyable trail running events in the country. Although the 12km and 24km
routes are identical to the 2017 routes, this year they will be run in reverse,
while sections of the 8km route have been redirected to avoid clashing with
the two longer routes.
“Trail runners will forever remember the challenging climbs and running
through a gully covered by ravine forest. The 8km route features mainly
easy terrain from start to finish, while the 12km and 24km routes feature
loose, rocky and sandy terrain. The 8km is ideal for newcomers to the sport
and someone who wants a hard and fast workout as part of a specific
training programme,” explained Schubert.
He said the 12km route should not be viewed as an entry level route, but
instead as a good stepping stone to build up experience and confidence for
trail running in general.
“The 24km route is ideal for experienced and well-conditioned runners. The
views and scenery up on the mountain plateau makes the sweat and effort
worthwhile. Remember to focus on hydration as the day time temperatures
can increase during the course of the event,” he said.