15 July 2018


Political parties share wish list on new Premier Mokgoro

by: Nthusang Lefafa and Bonolo Mohlakoana    date: 29 june 2018

Political parties in Bokone Bophirima say they expect a lot from new Premier, Professor Tebogo Job Mokgoro. He was elected and sworn in by North West High Court Judge President, Justice Monica Leeuw, as Premier last Friday. 
In his maiden speech after being sworn in, Mokgoro vowed to reduce the trust deficit between the people of the province and their government. He said his administration would purposely prioritise concerns relating to insufficient and ineffective delivery of services, waste of public resources, corruption and poor leadership, to mention a few.

“As we recognize the urgent need to develop and sustain a culture of good ethical and moral values in the public service, we also acknowledge that the cost of unethical conduct in government is enormously huge. 

“It therefore remains our collective responsibility to correct the shortcomings as identified in provincial government departments, commit ourselves to working tirelessly to restore stability and certainty in our province,” said Premier Mokgoro, adding that his administration would also deal with service delivery issues raised by the Inter-Ministerial Task Team, with special focus on the province's municipalities.

Leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the province Joe McGluwa said a lot of work still needs to be done.
“We welcome Professor Mokgoro into his new position. We heard him talking about how he plans to restore trust between the communities and government. As the opposition we will continue to hold those who are in power accountable and we will also be demanding that all forensic reports into corruption that are left behind [be released].” 
The DA also said it wants the secret report from the inter-ministerial task team to be made public.
Provincial Chairperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Betty Diale, said the party expects to hear more talk about investigations into corruption.
“As the EFF we expect the new Premier to meet with the inter-ministerial task team to discuss how they are going to fight corruption and the recent issues that the province was faced with such as provision of health services.  We are expecting a follow-up on corruption reports that have not been released when Professor Mokgoro tells the public what he has done during his first 100 days in office,” Diale said. 
The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) said it expects to see the new Premier tackling issues facing the people of the province. 
“We would like to hear Professor Mokgoro detailing how he is going to fight corruption. The state should regain the trust of the communities and be able to transform their lives. As the ANC Youth League we want to hear talk around skills programmes for the youth and how they are going to be integrated into the mainstream economy,” said Provincial Secretary, Sipho Dial. 
Premier Mokgoro urged public servants to embrace and commit themselves to the principle of “Roma Nna” advocated by President Cyril Ramaphosa, He also warned them against acts of misconduct such as loitering and not showing up for work, emphatically stating that “the party is over”.
Mokgoro cautioned those responsible for ensuring consequence management and consistently failing to do so, saying they were as guilty as the perpetrators themselves.
The Premier said while his administration would evaluate the five concretes conceived by the 5th Administration in 2015, would not be intended to discontinue, saying the concretes were still relevant as they were contextualized within the National Development Plan framework.
“Let us ensure that during the remaining eleven months of this 5th Parliament, we do not continue to be a bunch of elites whose goal is nothing but self-enrichment. Occupying a position of leadership is no opportunity for self-enrichment; the needs of the people of this province are greater than individual interest,” emphasized Premier Mokgoro.

He also called on communities to guard against vandalizing public buildings such as schools during service delivery protests, saying they should rather protect and take pride in these assets for future generations and never to overlook the cleanliness of their environment.