21 April 2019


Committee on North West satisfied with responses

by: Faith Ndenze   date: 06 july 2018

The Ad Hoc Committee inquiring into the intervention in the North West Provincial Government is pleased that all provincial
departments that made presentations before the committee indicated that they are pleased with the intervention, in terms of Section 100 of the Constitution.
The Committee emphasised the importance of the province adopting an action plan to address findings of the Auditor-
General in order to assist the province in its turnaround strategy. National Treasury, Auditor-General, the North West Premier and MECs of the six departments under administration briefed the Committee on Wednesday last week, on the fiscal position and governance as
well as the financial management of the province.
Members of the Committee lamented the lack of consequence management
for irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure,
particularly in the five departments currently under Section 100 (1)
(b) intervention, over the years, leading to the escalation of irregular expenditure,
fruitless and wasteful expenditure. The Committee believes oversight institutions
such as the portfolio committees in the North West Provincial Legislature
and Councillors in municipal councils have to strengthen
their oversight. It further believes there should be focused
political will and commitment in monitoring and oversight, and the provincial
leadership should take responsibility and create a culture of accountability in

the province. The Committee, however, appreciated the positive attitude of the
new Premier, Prof Job Mokgoro, in the province. The Committee welcomed presentations and the spirit in which they were
made at the briefing as these would assist the Committee in its work. The committee
will, on a regular basis, monitor the intervention as prescribed by Section 100
(2) of the Constitution and Rule 254 of the rules of the National Council of Provinces.