15 July 2018


Maquassi Hills to help seek justice for construction accident 

by: McCaswell Khumalo   date: 06 july 2018

Mayor of Maquassi Hills Local Municipality, Noni Kgabi, has promised that the municipality would work with both the Department of Labour and other relevant government departments to get to the bottom of what caused an accident at a construction site that killed one worker and left another one with serious injuries. 

Gordon Pheko (39) died when tons of soil came crashing down on him and his two colleagues in Lebaleng in Makwassie as they were digging trenches for a sewerage system. While his colleagues managed to escape, Pheko was unfortunate and died on the scene.
He was laid to rest last Saturday. 
Alfred Maerman - one of the men who miraculously escaped, though with critical injuries - has since been released from hospital and is recovering at home. 
Pheko’s uncle, Reginald Mopeloa (49), said the family met a representative from Ditiro TSA Ka Construction who explained to them what really happened and promised to take full responsibility of the funeral costs.
On Thursday last week Mayor Kgabi, the municipality’s Speaker Daphney Notwane and some Councillors visited the Pheko and Maerman’s families.

The Mayor was touched by the living conditions at the Maerman`s home and promised to help in every way possible.

It is alleged that there were no safety measures to stop the soil from falling as the walls of the trench cracked.

"As the Municipality, we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our brother Gordon and offer our sincere condolences. Construction will be stopped until all the investigations are done and we will see what and where we can assist as the municipality,” said the Mayor.