15 July 2018


Over 700 government officials fail to declare business interests

by: Obakeng Maje   date: 11 july 2018

More than 700 senior managers within the Public Service have failed to declare directorships in private and public companies, therefore contravening Public Service Regulations.
This was revealed by Chairperson of Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration/Monitoring and Evaluation, Joe Maswanganyi, on Tuesday. 
“We are concerned about the high number of Senior Management Services (SMS) members within the public service who failed to declare directorships in private and public companies, something which is in contravention of Regulation 19 of the Public Service Regulations of 2016,” Maswanganyi said. 

“The Public Service Commission revealed that a total of 721 SMS members failed to declare their business interests. The commission released its quarterly report covering the period from 1 January 2018 to 31 March 2018 on the state of the public service,” he said. 

Mswanganyi said it is unacceptable that so many senior managers can be in contravention of regulations that are intended to ensure the credibility of the state. He said senior managers should be at the forefront of the fight against corruption and by declaring directorships, they prove accountability.
“The [objective] of the National Development Plan (NDP) to create a state that is capable of implementing the developmental goals of the country is dependent on having ethical leaders who can drive government’s programmes.
“While we are in no way casting a judgment on the said officials, we highlight the necessity for compliance. More worrying is the fact that within this number, there are 19 directors-general/heads of departments at both national and provincial level,” Maswanganyi said. 
He said these custodians of the country’s finances should lead from the front and must at all times declare their interests. Maswanganyi added that the committee has called on the Public Service Commission (PSC) and Minister of Public Service and Administration to urgently take adequate action against contravening officials.
“We will await a full briefing by the PSC on the report released today [Tuesday],” he said.