17 November 2018


Ditsobotla residents welcome Phelophepa health train

by: Nthusang Lefafa   date: 18 July 2018

Lichtenburg residents have welcomed the arrival of Transnet’s Phelophepa train, which brought primary healthcare services to them for two weeks.
The Phelophepa 1 healthcare train is currently stationed at the Lichtenburg Train Station since 09 July and it will be there until 20 July 2018 to provide different services such as eye-testing, dental services and other related medical services.
Since its inception in 1994, the train has provided healthcare services to over five million people across the country. The launch of the Phelophepa 2 Train has enabled the train to reach over 300 000 patients annually.
Seipati Mogakabe (69) from Boikhutso Township near Lichtenburg told Semphete that the train has helped her to receive the much-needed spectacles at only R30.
“This train has helped me a lot because my eyesight was very poor and now I have received spectacles at an affordable price. The doctors were very friendly and I received something that will help to improve my life and the manner in which I do things. I would like to urge the municipality to tell the owners of this train to come to our town at least twice a year,” said Mogakabe.
Acting Manager of Phelophepa 1 Train, Bheki Mendlula, said the main purpose of this train is to give quality healthcare to people who reside in rural areas and cannot afford to consult specialists.  
“The main aim of this train is to provide primary healthcare services to the people. We want to restore hope to the people across the country and show that we do care. There are two trains that travel across the country on an annual basis and they take four provinces each. Gauteng is the only province that we do not take. We try to touch every corner of each province to give our services,” he said.
Mendlula said the train has got 19 carriages with doctors’ rooms, accommodation facilities and a kitchen for catering purposes.
Last week Mayor of Ditsobotla Local Municipality, Daniel Buthelezi and other officials were taken through the 19 coaches of the train to observe all services that are being provided.
The mayor expressed satisfaction with the presence of the train in Ditsobotla because the community will be able to access the best medical services from the train specialists. He also encouraged community members to make use of the available services.
The train is able to deliver its services through a partnership between Transnet, a Swiss Company known as Roche and the Department of Health. Colgate-Palmolive partly sponsors the dental clinic.
The Phelophepa train has not only given quality healthcare to communities across the country but over 20 000 student doctors and nurses have had the opportunity to improve their skills through the work they have done on the train.