20 June 2018


Public servants get fit for healthy living


Obakeng Maje


They are often hard at work ensuring that me and you receive the best quality service from government, but public servants in Bokone Bophirima also make time to recharge. This is why some of them spent a day at Ikageng stadium in Potcheftsroom, taking part in the Provincial Public Service Sport and Recreation Day.

Bokone Bophirima Provincial Government spokesperson, Brian Setswambung, said the primary objective of this recreation day was to implement and promote strategies aimed at increasing the morale of public servants across the province.

"We want to promote individual wellness, fitness and a healthy lifestyle," he said. "Public servants took part in games like a six kilometre fun run, 2.5 kilometre fun walk and other indigenous games. They also took part in soccer, netball, tennis, table tennis and volleyball".

At the same daylong event, public servants were given free health and wellness screening for ailments such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, tuberculosis (TB) and HIV and AIDS.

"Public servants play a vital role in the society, so their wellbeing is important. They are committed to the highest degrees of integrity and to deliver the best administration possible," Setswambung said.

Deputy Director on health wellness from Bokone Bophirima's Office of the Premier, Chake Mokoka, said government was committed to the wellbeing of its employees. "This will assist our government to deliver high quality services, so we need to encourage them to be active. Keeping fit will assist our employees to avoid chronic diseases like TB, cancer, diabetes and obesity. "Engaging in physical activities produces good results because a healthy employee is a productive one. We will maximize this by embarking on ward-based events. Public servants are the torch-bearers of government, so their wellbeing contributes immensely to the developments," she said.

Virgin Active had partnered with the provincial government for the day. The company's representative, Kenneth Sedile had this to say: "Exercising has lot of positive benefits. Your system as a human being needs to be active, hence we encourage people to exercise. "When we look into a man, at the age of 26 his testosterone hormone stops to grow. It is responsible for the growing parts of the body like beard, voice box and chest development to ensure that you look like a man. So, if you exercise, you will assist the testosterone to continue doing its work."

Sedile said if one does not exercise, their joints do not produce the much-needed fluids for the body. "I will also advice those who have high blood pressure to embark on exercising because their high blood level will drop drastically. Exercising also contributes to a good and smooth skin."

One of the participants, Thandi Guduka said the event brings public servants together in a different environment. "We enjoy working as a team. The Recreation Day is important because it brings us closer. We applaud the government because by keeping fit, it makes our work much easier," she said.

Another employee from the Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development, Queen Mali agreed with Guduka. "We need to live a healthy lifestyle to increase our lifespan. Exercising contributes to living a disease-free life. One can exercise even at home and benefit from that. "Living a healthy lifestyle is a fundamental component to achieving your optimal mental and physical wellbeing. A nutritious diet also contributes to a healthy lifestyle. People who engage in unhealthy habits such as smoking, a poor quality diet, and physical inactivity are at increased risk of a premature health decline and death."

Captions: A team from the Office of the Premier also took part in the Provincial Public Service Sport and Recreation Day