21 April 2019


Elderly still misuse their pension grants - MEC Gaolaolwe


Petrus Siko


Acting MEC for Social Development, Galaletsang Fenny Gaolaolwe, has encouraged members of the Older Persons Forum across the province's districts to advise pensioners to stop misusing their monthly old-age pension grants.

Speaking to more than 200 elderly people at a two-day summit in Christiana, Gaolaolwe urged the elderly to stop giving their pension cards to money lenders.

"We urge you to visit elderly people in your respective communities and encourage them to join service clubs so that they can refrain from indulging in alcohol and other substances. They should use their grants to raise children in a befitting manner," Gaolaolwe said.

Last year MEC Gaolaolwe confiscated 47 South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) cards from a shop owner at Madipelesa village outside Pampierstad during a Setsokotsane servide delivery campaign in the area.

While she conducted a door-to-door visit to deliver grocery hampers and blankets to the elderly, Gaolaolwe entered a house of a pensioner and asked her to produce her pension card. When the pensioner failed to produce the card she confessed to Gaolaolwe that the pension card, p including those of other residents in the area, were kept by a local shop owner.

Elderly people, Gaolaolwe said, should talk to their grandchildren in plain language to avoid misinterpretation of important messages. She said the use of euphemism in these days made it impossible for children, especially young girls to understand the advice from elderly people.

Taking a swipe at the widespread media report on teenagers who happened to be young mothers at an early age in Ratlou Local Municipality, Gaolaolwe said elderly people should talk to young girls about teenage pregnancies to avoid similar incidents in their communities.

Caption: Galaletsang MEC Fenny Gaolaolwe with newly elected Provincial Older Persons Forum at a recent summit