21 April 2019


Former bakery manager takes community out of poverty

by: Petrus Siko   date:

A dream of owning a fully-fledged bakery has become a reality for 10 Huhudi residents outside Vryburg, who used to sell scones and cakes in the streets.

Mathew Gaonakala, a former bread manager at the erstwhile Score retail store said they had, for many years, dreamt of owning a bakery to provide fresh bread to Huhudi residents. He said the new bakery, which started to operate less than five months ago, would save residents travelling costs to town, where they normally bought fresh bread.

"At the time of starting this primary cooperative we were not working at all. We used to sell scones, biscuits and wedding cakes to residents. Many people who had weddings here in the township used to place orders and we supply them with wedding cakes.

"In 2009, we registered Redirile Bakery Cooperative to fight poverty and unemployment in our township," said Gaonakala, adding that they worked hard to create job opportunities for unemployed residents of Huhudi.

The bakery is also a supplier to local schools and tuckshops. Gaonakala however said lack of transport was the main challenge that makes ir difficult for them to deliver to other areas in the Naledi Local Municipality.

Acting MEC for Social Development, Galaletsang Fenny Gaolaolwe, said her department has already invested more than R1.3 million in the Redirile Bakery project. Gaolaolwe said the Redirile team had undergone training on baking, project management, bookkeeping and financial management.

"We will monitor this project and ensure that it is sustainable. We also call on local residents to support this business by buying bread here," said Gaolaolwe.

The MEC added: "The Fifth Administration has vowed to spend 70% of our budget in procuring goods in villages so that we develop and grow local economies. Creches, community home based care centres and tuckshops in this township are expected to buy their bread here."


  1. Pic Huhudi - Acting Social Development MEC Fenny Gaolaolwe pictured with members of the Redirile Bakery Cooperative in Huhudi
  2. Pic Redirile - Redirile Bakery Cooperative members pictured in front of their bakery in Huhudi outside Vryburg